By grace, we are brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. By grace, we are part of the bride. By grace, we are part of the real Church. By grace, we are a remnant. By grace, Yahweh has brought us together, all for the glory of His name. By grace, we can learn from each other and encourage one another.

Please help me by sharing some Biblical topics you would like us to drill deep into together over the next few months. Any other suggestions you might have are also welcome. This can be done by means of comments below.

I will then take one topic at a time and obtain as much Biblical information on the topic as possible. It will then be posted as an article where after we as a group can all discuss it and learn from each other.

Alternatively, if you have done any Bible study on your own, on whichever Biblical topic, and would like to share it with the rest of us, you are most welcome to email the material to me for publication.

As our (which include YOU)blog / site is still new, we need to accept that responses might be a little slow at this stage, but don’t be discourage. On the 24th of May, I also need to go for eye surgery, which could have an impact on our activities for a week or two.

I am looking forward to our fellowship, where we could freely get involved in our Father’s business without the interference of the enemy, the scoffers and the worldly.

Kind regards



  1. I suggest a discussion on what it means to live holy as He is holy, and how we take up our cross daily in following Him.


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